These Are Types Of Mechanical Saws

Basically, a chainsaw is made of hard metal with sharp and rough edges so it can cut hard objects. In addition, the jagged edges make the cutting process run optimally. For this reason, there are now various types of saw machines that you can choose according to your needs and the type of cutting work that will be done. We hope this information helps you to choose the best electric chainsaw.

Here are the types of mechanical saws that you should know:

Hacksaw Machine

This machine is also called an alternating chainsaw. Where for this machine have saw blades ranging in length from 300mm to 90mm? For thicknesses 1.25mm to 3mm. For the average number of teeth, this machine is between 1-6 teeth per inch and using HSS material. It’s because the engine moves back and forth, the time needed to cut objects is 50%.

Circular Saw

This chainsaw is also called the dish engine because there is a puritan in the tooth. This machine has a dish diameter between 200-400 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm. For precision serration on the circumference of the dish has a height between 0.25-0.50 mm. When sawing using this machine, coolant is usually needed. While the tolerance that can be achieved using this machine is between 0.5 – 1.5 mm.

Band saw

This machine is also called a ribbon saw machine. In general, the sawing machine is used as a straight cut. But it is different from the band saw. Because this machine has a unique ability to cut objects with shapes that are not straight or curved irregularly. When carrying out the sawing process, this machine is usually capable of having a saw blade speed that varies from 18 meters per minute to 450 meters per minute. This speed is deliberately adjusted to the needs of cutting various types of objects.

Jig Saw

This one machine is a sawing machine used for sewing with various forms of curves to curves to straight shapes. The working principle of this machine is up and down so that it is able to cut patterns that are not straight and different from the saw in general.

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