These Are Some Of The Best Topologies For Companies

Ring topology has a network system that rotates circularly from one server computer to several computers and returns to the server. All information obtained from the data will be checked by the IP Address by each terminal that it passes. This topology has several advantages, including the easy installation process when connecting to a new device. The use of LAN cables in Ring Topology also tends to be small so that it can be more efficient, especially in terms of expenditure. On the other hand, if your company requires high-quality automatic online software installation, perhaps you need to hire the best IT company which can help your business to manage the internet of things application development.

For small scale companies, they can still use this topology effectively if they aren’t using too many computers, especially for companies that still do not have their own IT management, then this topology can be used because of the easy installation process.

Aside from that, bus topology is suitable for companies that want each computer to have its own access, such as for printing text or having the power to operate another computer entirely. Basically, the operating system of the bus topology is like a terminal where each data will transit across all computers connected to the main terminal server.

Additionally, the star topology network has a relationship pattern that is centered on the HUB / Switch as a concentrator. From here the main server computer will transfer files to the concentrator and then connect to all client computers.

The advantage of this topology is the very high level of data security. It’s because the existing data is not directly connected from the server to various computers, then when there is one damaged computer cable, it will not affect the performance of the other client computers. It can be said if the star topology is a type of topology that is suitable for medium scale database companies which require a high level of data security.

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