The Performance Of Lamborghini Gallardo On The Road

The desire to spur to maximum speed is very exciting. When the motorbike conducts testing at the International Circuit. The seat position is first arranged so that you get the maximum visibility and comfort as possible. For those of you who are not familiar, if the height is less than 170 cm, the sitting position looks low and the foresight becomes somewhat disturbed by the dash and bonnet. When putting the foot on the pedal, the foot space feels narrow, especially on the spring that is disturbed by the house of the inner wheelhouse. Apart from that, you should click here if you’re looking for a trusted site to rent an excellent Lamborghini car.

Do not doubt the acceleration of the Gallardo, the energy feels solid in each round. When tested the speed of 0-100 km / h can be taken in 6.4 seconds and for a distance of 402 meters, it takes 14.1 seconds at a speed of 177 km/hr. The speed can be taken faster, unfortunately, it is a bit disturbed by the gear shift that is less smooth. Note, if you move the gear late, the Gallardo transmission is not equipped with an automatic shift up so that the cut off will occur and the speed will be held back. And when the shift down, the rpm tendency is held back like a hill and toe process.

The movement of the suspension feels hard so it makes the car as it passes on an uneven road bumpy. It’s very unpleasant to walk like this. It is ideally the main problem of comfort is opening in a sports car. Behind the previous conditions, stability when driving fast and cornering are very satisfying. There is no feeling of fear of conquering sharp turns even because the body roll is very minimal. This stability is also influenced by the width of Lambo.

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