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These Are The 3 Common Causes Of Leaking Pipes That Cause Expensive Water Bills

It’s obvious that you want to find out and track the causes of your swollen water bills. In addition, you must immediately correct the cause so that your water bill returns to normal. In the meantime, you can also call the A1 Restoration if the pipe leakage makes your home flooded.

Here are some common causes so that water bills increase and how to overcome them:

1. Pipes are Leaking on toilets & toilets

You need to know that there is an interesting fact from the EPA (Environmental Agency in America) that toilets accounted for 26.7% of the average water use of homes in America. This makes toilets the biggest contributor to the use of water at home. Toilets can spend 200 gallons of water in one day for various activities. It is necessary to check your toilet for leakage or not, by doing the following two methods:

The first way: Sound inspection that arises on leaky pipes.

The second way: use food coloring or textile dyes that are put into the toilet. Wait until 15-20 minutes, then flush the toilet. Check the toilet pipeline and if a leak occurs, colored water will seep out through a leaky pipeline around the toilet.

2. Leaking Shower or Faucet

According to an expert’s data, taps that leak with a volume of one drop per second can spend more than 3,000 gallons per year. By looking at leaks on taps, shower heads and so on. Usually, a leak is caused by the handle of the faucet so that it can be replaced. Or better yet, the faucet is immediately replaced with a new tap. The problem is immediately resolved.

3. Pipeline Installation in Leaky Soil

Usually, for this problem, plumbers can help you help find the location of leaky pipes in the installation of deep ground channels in your home. With the pipeline leak detection service (leak detection) it really helps you to find the exact location where the pipe leak caused the water bill to swell.

After finding the location of the pipe leak, we will recommend replacing the leaky pipe so that your water bill returns to normal and you will not be confused with the bill that is swollen.