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You Must Know These Car Maintenance Mistakes

You always want to see the car in good condition. Therefore, you do anything for your favorite car. Caring for a car is fairly easy, but we always just put everything in care for the car itself. This is not good to do, because it will cause damage to the car system. You don’t want your favorite car to be damaged. You can invest in car detailing oceanside and you get the great return on investment.

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Most car users often make mistakes while doing maintenance on their cars. These mistakes are sometimes not realized, so we do not know which treatment is good or bad for our car. Errors that we often do such as turning on the car air conditioner at high RPM, washing the cabin floor with water, using detergent to clean the car, never servicing the car and many other mistakes.

Washing the cabin floor using water is not the right car care. It can cause damage to the car itself. One of them is the audio system that is most sensitive to this. Because if water enters the electrical components in the car, the audio system will be damaged. The most severe mistake that might occur is the rusting of the body under the car. Therefore, to avoid damage you can use a damp cloth to clean the car’s cabin floor.

The wrong treatment for the next car is to start the engine in the morning while stepping on the gas. This is often done by car users. If you do it continuously, it can cause damage. It also causes a bad effect on our car. You may not make this mistake in the next car maintenance. Perhaps it is because the fuel hasn’t completely lubricated the engine when the engine was just turned on.