Pine And Teak Wood Often Needs Color Uniformity

The wood sold at this low price comes from the wood pallet, the rest is packed with exported goods. This wood is sold at a very cheap price because abroad this wood has no price. However, by many Southeast Asians, Dutch teak is used as a material for making palette furniture and crafts. In the meantime, you can visit this site to find the recommended wood paints for your wood painting project.

Dutch teak wood has several disadvantages in terms of appearance, which have many stain blue stains and also wood eyes. The presence of wood eyes and blue stain stains will often make the natural look not perfect.

In addition, this wood is the type of wood that is most commonly found in South-East Asia because it is very easy to grow. The short harvest period of around 7 to 15 years makes this wood a favorite of furniture craftsmen. Wood which belongs to the type of softwood has fine fibers and has an attractive wood line appearance.

But pine wood has a weakness that is not much different from the Dutch teak wood which is bad because of the stain of the blue stain and also the wooden eyes which cause the wood oil groove to be very visible.

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