Husbands Who Love Infidelity May Have Low IQ

A professional evolutionary psychologist, Satoshi Kanazawa said that the more intelligent a man is, the less likely he is to cheat on his partner. This is because men who have high IQs are more appreciative of the aspects of sexual exclusivity and monogamous relationships themselves than those who like cheating. Additionally, you can hire private investigators if you want to know whether your husband is loyal or not.

Kanazawa theorizes that the relationship between male intelligence and his tendency to cheat has its roots in the development of human evolution. In prehistoric times, sex was only considered a purely biological need to produce as many offspring as possible. Monogamy in ancient times will not provide many benefits for the survival of the male offspring, because having a wife is enough one can not ensure the head of the family to have children if seen from the birth process of children who are still quite left behind.

The ability to faithfully undergo a monogamous relationship was assessed by the research team as the cornerstone of modern human civilization which signifies that humans are more developed and smarter. Smart people will be more open to new ideas and thoughts. Smart men understand correctly that to preserve bloodlines and get sexual satisfaction no longer have to go through polygamy or look for other women because the number of women and also the life expectancy of children is certainly increasing compared to during prehistoric times.

Boyfriends and cheating husbands are considered to have IQs that are more “squat” than other men because they are considered to fail to adapt to the evolution of modern humans. Because to be able to adapt to every development that exists, humans need qualified cognitive intelligence to enable them to be able to read all situations by thinking logically.

When blinded by lust, sexual arousal makes you have less self-control. Men are reported to show impulsive tendencies and a greater willingness to make risky decisions, such as having an affair. This is what makes men “less intelligent” may tend to be more indifferent about the effects of damage that might arise from the affair so that they are able to put aside their guilt

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