How To Treat Roses

Rose is one type of flower that is very popular and is known by many people. With a variety of colors and distinctive aromas by roses, this flower is very popular with many people san angel. In addition to the beautiful rose color and the distinctive aroma produced by the rose, it is preferred because it is easy to plant to maintain it. Roses can grow in various regions with hot or cold temperatures. Aside from being a symbol of love for this one plant, it can also be used as an ornamental plant in the room or on the yard. Here are tips on how to keep the condition and growth of roses awake. If you want to buy a flower bouquet, you can visit floristerias medellin.

The following is how to treat a rose:

– Choosing the Right Pot

The right pot to plant and treat roses is a type of clay. Because clay pots have a lot of pores that can make water flow out and make the plant roots not rotten. This is because water does not expand in the pot.

– Right Watering

Do not water too much until the water becomes a puddle in the pot. This inhibits and makes the plant rot because of most water. Flush the roses through the ground, because the flowers and leaves of roses are very susceptible to drought. Water once a day during the rainy season and every other day every morning and evening in the summer. If the rain does not stop, then stop watering because it has been replaced with rainwater. It’s just better to rinse the leaves by spraying water smoothly and softly. This is done so that the texture of the leaves does not become damaged.

– Check and Prune Routine

Check the leaves and branches regularly so that no rotten parts are still attached to the plant’s body. And if there are parts that dry / rot immediately prune using sharp scissors so that the plant is not damaged. And don’t cut with a diagonal / drag pattern, try cutting straight.

– Rose Cultivation

To cultivate these plants there are many ways. Among the many methods used by cuttings is the most effective way to increase the number of plants.

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