Four Bad Habits That Can Destroy Aircon Machines

At present, the majority of private homes have aircon. If it is not a private home, then buildings such as apartments, offices, etc. use an aircon. The aircon functions to filter dirty air into cleaner and fresher air. It even gives a cool effect, so people feel comfortable aircon servicing singapore. Even so, the aircon is a machine that must be maintained to keep working optimally. In Singapore, if there is damage, the aircon can directly contact aircon repair singapore. They consist of professional workers.

Besides contacting the service, as an aircon owner you can maintain the age of the aircon engine by avoiding the following errors:

– Directly turn on the aircon after turning it off
You are advised to wait a few minutes before turning on the aircon again. This is so that the compressor can take a break before returning to work. This way the compressor can last longer.

– Forgot to turn off the aircon
This habit may seem simple, but if done repeatedly it will result in more electricity costs. In addition, the aircon components are also easily damaged. You are advised to use a timer to avoid forgetting to turn off the aircon. In addition to maintaining the state of the engine, you also help reduce the impact of global warming. Keep in mind that the forgotten aircon can increase global warming.

– rarely clean the aircon
You are strongly advised to clean the aircon every three to four months. This aims to avoid pipe clogging caused by dust. Dust that accumulates too much will cause the work of the engine to be reduced so that the engine breaks faster. In addition, the air is not really clean anymore, causing respiratory diseases such as asthma.

– Keep smoking in a room using an aircon
This may be very rare, but in some other countries, there are still people who do it. The culprit is usually an active smoker. Smoking in a room that turns on the aircon is strictly prohibited. This can cause unpleasant odors and disrupt the breathing of other occupants of the room. There are even worse consequences, which can cause poisoning to death.

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