A “Flipped Classroom” Makes Learning English Becomes Easier

Flipped Classroom is one of the most widely used learning models in developed countries such as Sweden, the United States, Norway, and many others british life skills. What is a Flipped Classroom? As the name implies, Flipped, which means flipping or reversing and classroom which means classrooms, flipped classroom is a learning model that is a result of reversing traditional learning models. In the meantime, you should consider taking the a2 english test if you wish to get the UK visa.

If in the traditional method, the teacher becomes the center of attention during learning and only conveys information or material in one direction with many students as students, usually students are only allowed to ask questions after the end of the study session, and assignment or ‘PR’ to work at home. Flipped Classroom offers a more active class condition, where students are required to be actively involved in the learning process, the teacher provides opportunities for students to express their opinions or questions during the learning process, and the teacher’s role is not to be a center but a class and guide students to actively learn from each other together.

The value that is favored in a flipped classroom is that students can learn according to their own abilities and abilities, student involvement in the learning process and understanding concepts that are more easily accepted by students, teachers can also see more clearly which students need more attention or help to pursue lagging behind.

As in learning English, research conducted by Knewton regarding the effectiveness of classroom flipped learning models towards final-year students expressed quite astonishing data. From a number of students, it was found that more than 50% of students failed in English subjects with traditional learning models. After changing the learning model into a flipped classroom, it was found that in the following semester with the same total students, only 19% failed in English. You can see a very real change caused by changes in the learning model.

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